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Meet Master Coach, Mark Fournier!

A 3-time, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, psychotherapist, life-mastery and peak-performance coach, Mark Fournier is lauded as a world-renowned expert on ‘Living a LIMITLESS Life’. He is also a patented inventor, award-winning writer, author, columnist, and keynote speaker, the founder and provost of LIMITLESS University, and, the founding director of the DoGood Hero Support Network. Mark has dedicated his life to ‘saving the world’ by helping others gain true mastery over their LIMITLESS lives, for such enlightened and empowered beings are naturally compelled to create a better world, and they have the power to do so.

“…Because, ‘Doing the Impossible’ is the greatest game on earth!” ~Mark Fournier

What Clients are Saying

Watch. Listen. Read.


Watch powerful YouTube videos where I do share life lessons that helped me overcome adversity using a combination of spiritual and scientific methods.


Build your most rewarding and enriching life. Listen to the inspiring stories and life lessons that helped others beat the odds and achieve success.


Mark’s blogs or articles share life experiences that will shine a light on the life journeys that could shape your life.


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