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The Balance Wheel Test is a fast, fun, and easy self-assessment that allows you to measure (and ultimately improve) the quality of your life (your LQ / Life Quotient) by helping you understand and visualize where your life is in (and out of) balance.

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How it works

The Balance Wheel Test helps you measures the quality of your life. We call it your ‘LQ’ (Life Quotient). However, unlike your ‘IQ’ (Intelligence Quotient), your LQ can be improved upon (by improving your life balance) thus, improving your life quality.

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Score Your Each Area of Life

Give each area of your life a score from 1-10. A ‘10’ would be ‘maximum fulfilment.

Improve Life Satisfaction Score

We offer free suggestions on how you can improve your score, and thereby create a happier, more successful, and fulfilling life.

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