Chances are, you didn’t score a perfect 200 LQ on your Life Balance Test, and that’s perfectly normal.

When it comes to your LQ, the goal isn’t to have the highest score, the goal is to have a ‘higher’ score… in other words, ‘improving the quality of your life’ is an ongoing quest. Life balance isn’t something you either have or don’t have, its something you continually work toward.

Even if you take the test and find your life to be in perfect balance, it won’t stay that way because ‘life’ has a mind of it’s own, and sooner or later, it will fall out of balance again.

The goal, is to continually assess your life balance while striving to raise your score in each category and, to keep it as balanced as possible all along the way.

Just know that at some point some area of your life will likely become unbalanced again, especially as you strive to increase your scores in each area. And this is fine, so long as you continue ‘attempting’ to keep them balanced all along the way.

Now lets begin with the 3 Simple steps for improving your quality of life and creating greater balance:

Step 1

Simply imagine that your Balance Wheel is a wheel on your car. Then ask yourself if wheels shaped like this would result in a smooth ride or a bumpy one?

As with the wheels on your car, the rounder (more balanced) your ‘life’ wheel is, the better your life will be. It’s a fact, those with higher LQ’s tend to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

While few ever achieve the highest score possible (200) this LQ score gives you something to strive for. So,
retake the test throughout the year to see where you’re improving.

The test will automatically overlay your newest Balance Wheel over previous your Balance Wheels so you can visually chart your progress.

To discover the secrets to improving your LQ, and thereby your degree of happiness, success, and fulfilment in every area of your life… keep reading.

Step 2

The next step in this process involves making the decision to raise your scores in the areas where they are

It’s kind of like putting air in your tire to fill up the ‘low’ spots, so your tire will be ‘rounder’.

Committing to raising your scores is huge, because without commitment, there will be no action or perseverance, both of which are critical when making meaningful and lasting changes in our life.

And the good news is that ‘commitment’ is based on ‘belief’, so all you need to do is look for proof that improving your life in these areas is not only beneficial, but also possible.

And, as Goethe said: “We see what we are looking for.” So if you look hard enough for proof, you WILL find it.

Step 3

Take Action Now!

And if you’re wondering where you will find the time, energy, money, etc to raise your lower scores…

The easiest way, is to burrow time from areas in your life that the late Stephen Covey refers to in his book ‘The Seven Secrets of Highly Effective People’ as Quadrants #3 and #4.

Quadrant #3 is made up of things that although they are ‘urgent’ (because they have an imminent timeline), they are not ‘important’ (such as watching a live sporting event on TV). And Quadrant #4 consists of things that are neither ‘urgent’ or ‘important’ (like watching a sporting event on TV from a month ago). So, you burrow time from Quadrants #3 and #4 and use that time to improve the balance in your life (unless your ‘Leisure’ score was very low, in which case enjoy watching the game, and burrow from some other Quadrant #3 or #4 activities.

More on Step 3

Another solution for raising your lower scores is remarkably simple, you will burrow resources from the areas where your scores are highest.

A ‘resource’ by the way, is anything you have that can help you get what you want.

Resources can include money, time, connections, knowledge, focus, intelligence, health & vitality, and more.

You may be reluctant to do things that risk lowering your higher scores by burrowing resources from them, but studies show that a ‘balanced’ life is far more fulfilling than a life with a few ‘high scores’, and bunch of lower ones.

A person who scores ‘5’ in all 10 areas of their life, will be FAR happier than a person who scores ‘10’ in five areas and ‘0’ in five areas! So, if, for example, you spend less time on your career (where you scored a ‘9’) and more time on your love life (where you scored a ‘4’), and although it resulted in lowering your ‘career’ score to a ‘7’ but it raised your love life to a ‘6’, you would be significantly happier and more fulfilled than you were with a 9 and a 4… just picture someone with an incredible career, who is also going through a divorce (this is not a happy person no matter how much they love their job).

Bonus Step

Once your life is well balanced (no more than one point apart in any category), you can THEN begin working on raising the scores of ALL 10 areas of your life. But this time, you will divide your resources more or less equally between all ten area to ensure that they remain relatively balanced as they grow.

What’s Next?

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