The Magic of Moonshots
Discovering your LIMITLESS Potential

In today’s Manopause Manopod, Mike Essrig and Larry Pollack caught up with published author and ‘peak-performance’ and ‘life-mastery’ coach Mark Fournier to find out what it takes to live a ‘limitless’ life through ‘The Magic of Moonshots’.


Why Everyone Needs a Moonshot and How You Can Create One for Yourself?


A Moonshot is a daring, outrageous, seemingly impossible mission or goal that leads an individual or organization toward extraordinary results. It provides those who pursue it with greater meaning, purpose, and direction in their lives. The mere pursuit of a Moonshot, regardless of the outcome, elevates all attempting to achieve it.

The term was coined in the early ’60s when John F. Kennedy went on air and said, ‘We will land a man in this decade on the moon and bring him safely home again,’ and so we were ‘shooting for the moon’ (literally). So the term was defined by the idea that ‘it was impossible’ to achieve his goal in that timeframe.

At the time, we had no idea how to pull it off. We were far behind the Russians regarding space exploration, and not even they could do it. The technology had not even been imagined, much less developed, yet we still accomplished it. In retrospect, they discovered that “when we reach for more than we are, we become more than we are.”

When I was running track in school, the long jump was one of my field events. For instance, if I wanted to jump 21 feet, I would not look at the 21-foot mark; I would look at the 22-foot mark. I would always look beyond my goal.

By creating a Moonshot, you think of something spectacular that is inspiring to yourself and maybe to others. It opens the floodgates for an array of possibilities. Your subconscious doesn’t sleep. It is always ticking away and always working out problems, even in your sleep, so when you give it a moonshot to work on, it keeps looking for solutions until things begin to fall into place.

There IS a phenomenon around this, but you are not ‘attracting things to you from the other side of the universe’; you are becoming aware of things that are already there and always have been.

Our brain does it; we are exposed to so much input daily that our brain begins to ignore things. It says, ‘this doesn’t matter, and that doesn’t matter. I’m just going to focus on the important stuff.’

But how does your brain know what’s essential? Well, you tell it what’s important. You say, ‘I want this or that,’ or ‘I’m interested in these things,’ or, ‘this is my Moonshot’, and your subconscious starts to pay attention.

I call it the Law of Awareness. After all, you are not aware of things that have always been there because your subconscious doesn’t have a use for them. This is one of the advantages of having a moonshot; it causes your subconscious mind to start looking for things you wouldn’t usually look for.


What Would a Personal Moonshot Be for Those over 50? Can You Give Us Some Examples of Creating a Moonshot?


Elon Musk is such a classic example of someone who is now over 50 and still churning out Moonshots. We have spoken about how he has an opportunity and a Limitless Mindset.

A Limitless mindset is being of the actual belief that anything is possible. Not like a cliché but like ‘anything is possible!’. It ties in with the quote, “anything the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” If you can understand that one insight, it opens the doors to all of your dreams.

So, instead of saying, ‘my world is over,’ when something goes wrong, it’s like asking, ‘what would Elon do?’ I do that in problem-solving sessions, where I ask, ‘what would Elon do?’

He is an iconic man who thinks outside of the box. He does it with passion; it defines him. He questions everything. In his case, his childhood fantasy of landing a man on Mars grew into a Moonshot, or in his case, a Mars shot.

After Mark explained a moonshot, Larry went on to tell what he believed was his and Mike’s moonshot:

A specific example of a Moonshot is right here at Years ago, Mike and I decided we wanted to make a Television show. We didn’t know anything about it, and we didn’t know where we would get funding.

We had the story, and so we went out and found the people we needed to get it done, and we did it. We filmed a 30-minute presentation pilot of the video we wanted to make. After that, we started because there are many websites for women going through Menopause and other stuff, but there weren’t enough for men over 50.

We didn’t know what it would look like, but we found the right people and brought them into our lives, and they helped us launch the website. It’s not that we are anything special, but we had a passion for doing something like that. For making the TV show, our mantra was ‘worst case scenario, when we are 90 years old, we can watch it on TV and say, hey! I made that.’ That was the worst-case scenario.

That’s a personal example of what you are talking about.


In the next article, you will learn more from Mark Fournier about what it takes to set an inspiring goal and shoot for the moon.

Author’s Bio: A 3-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, psychotherapist, life-mastery, and peak-performance coach, Mark Fournier (The Limitless Coach) is lauded as a world-renowned expert on ‘Living a LIMITLESS Life.’ Mark has dedicated his life to ‘saving the world’ by helping others gain true mastery over their LIMITLESS lives. He is also a patented inventor, award-winning writer, author, columnist, keynote speaker, the founder and provost of LIMITLESS University, and the founding director of the DoGood Hero Support Network.